Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) Program

The Association has received grant money which has allowed us to continue our CBI program. We received $2000 in grant money from the State of Maine as well as $2000 from the Town of Parsonsfield in 2010, 2011, and 2012. We thank them as well as all who have made donations to get (and keep!) this program running.

We have paid inspectors who are stationed at the boat ramp on the south end of the pond. They began on Memorial Day weekend and will continue through Labor Day weekend.

You can read more about the program in these updates from Cindy Fahey:

We are asking for dues/donations (suggested $40) from each household to help meet the budgets for both the CBI program and the Association itself. The budgets for both are listed below. Donations can be sent to CBI Treasurer Eleanor Watson (95 East Shore Drive, Parsonsfield, ME 04047) and made payable to LPA CBI Program.