June 2022 Alum Treatment

The June 2022 alum treatment of Long Pond was a huge success! After suffering through a few rough years, the lake is once again, clear and pristine. Our success is due to the efforts of dedicated residents, members of the community and generous donors - both public and private.

If you are concerned about your lake and would like information about Long Pond's experience with the alum treatment process and the steps taken to secure state of Maine approval, please send an email with complete contact information to longpondassoc@gmail.com.

SOLitude barge arrives at the boat ramp on June 7

It was a tight fit but they managed to get the barge into the pond.

The first of two tanks arrive at the boys camp for storage of chemicals.

Tank is set in place. The second tank was placed right next to it.

Friday, testing continues as treatment is applied.

Friday June 10th, 7:00am filling the barge for another treatment run

The trail of alum as the barge makes a pass on the pond.

Following the barge to get into position to do more testing.

Wednesday morning