Long Pond Guidelines

To ensure Long Pond is a safe, peaceful and relaxing place, the following Guidelines were approved by the Long Pond Association, August 2000 and are updated as needed. When planning activities, please remember Long Pond is enjoyed for fishing, boating, water skiing and other family fun, but also for those who appreciate its quiet & solitude.

If you have guests or your cottage is rented, please have the Guidelines available for their use.



The Long Pond Association meets at least twice a year at the West End House Camp or by Zoom. Yearly dues are collected.   

LPA WEBSITE: https://www.longpondassociation.info

SPEED LIMIT: The maximum speed limit on the private roads surrounding Long Pond is 10 MPH. (adopted 7/5/03)

RV’s & DIRT BIKES: Owners are required to observe the posted speed limit and No Trespassing signs on our private roads. Riding on town/state roads is illegal unless the vehicle is registered. State law requires permission from land owners when crossing private land. 

WATER CRAFT: State laws require power boats and personal watercraft to: “be 200’ from shore, give a wide berth to rowboats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and sailboats, avoid water safety zones (bathing areas), maintain reasonable speed, avoid water fowl and refrain from prolonged circling, racing, wake jumping or other repetitive activities that may harass others.” Dial 911 & ask for the Maine Warden Service when you observe illegal behavior.

BOATING SAFETY: State law requires each person on board to have a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved serviceable life jacket. Also, boats longer than 16 feet must have a throwable PFD. The Maine Warden Service recommends that everyone wear their lifejackets while on the water. 

All persons being towed behind a watercraft on water skis or any other device must wear a PFD. In addition to the driver, an observer, 12 years or older is required. 

When swimming across or in the middle of the pond it is suggested to include a spotter boat.

INVASIVE PLANTS: The “Milfoil Sticker Law” requires boaters to purchase and display a Milfoil sticker on their motor boat. This sticker serves as a reminder to thoroughly clean all vegetation from their boat, motor & trailer both before launching and after removing the boat from the water. Discard vegetation into a trash bag, not at the water’s edge. Questions? Contact DEP (1-800-452-1942)  or Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (207-287-8000). 

COURTESY BOAT INSPECTION (CBI): The Long Pond Association and the Town of Parsonsfield fund a CBI Program @ the boat ramp. CBIs are there on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

NOISE: Be considerate of your neighbors, especially after 10:00PM. Parsonsfield has a noise ordinance regarding dogs barking for prolonged periods during the day and at night.

LEASH LAW: The Town of Parsonsfield has a leash law which applys to the area around the lake. Pets should be under your control at all times. Please clean up after your pet. Questions? Call Animal Control Officer, Kristen Russel-Perkins (207-807-9071) or her Deputy, Sean Perkins (207-608-1257)

YARD LIGHTS: Be considerate of your neighbors’ comfort when illuminating your property or shorefront for an extensive amount of time.

TRASH: Trash is collected from your curb beginning the Friday after Memorial Day and ending the Friday after Columbus Day. Trash should be out by 6:00AM. Weekenders should use trash cans with a secure lid since pick-up won’t be until Friday. Unsecured plastic bags can be torn open by wildlife resulting in unsightly trash scattered in front of your cottage. The rest of the year, trash must be placed on either Pendexter Rd. or Road Between The Ponds. 

RECYCLING: Parsonsfield has a mandatory recycling ordinance with curbside pick-up the 1st & 3rd Fridays beginning the Friday after Memorial Day and ending the Friday after Columbus Day. The rest of the year, recycling must be placed on either Pendexter Road or Road Between The Ponds. Recycling stickers are FREE at the Town Office and can be put on any container you wish to use for recycling. Please cover the container if it's raining.  Do not use plastic trash bags for your recycled items. Ecomaine does not recycle or accept plastic bags. In addition, styrofoam cannot be recycled. Additional recycling information is on the Town of Parsonsfield web page or by calling (207-625-4558).

OLD ELECTRONICS: By law, towns must sponsor a FREE yearly electronics recycling program. Check with the Town Office for details.

E-COLI: The Saco River Corridor Commission tests for e-coli at the swimming beach during the summer and the results are reported at our meetings. Do not feed ducks or geese and remind your guests as well. Allow them to forage for themselves and eat naturally. Fecal waste causes E-coli contamination.

BATHING IN THE POND: DEP laws prohibit soaping/shampooing of people or animals in ponds and lakes.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Owners should ensure that their septic system is working property and their septic tank is pumped regularly. DEP suggests every 4-6 years depending on the number of people in your cottage.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Use extreme caution when using these products near the water: motor oil, creosote, gasoline, pesticides, herbicide & anti-freeze to winterize cabins. 

LITTER: Please pick up litter floating in the pond, on the shore and on our roads. Keep Long Pond Beautiful!

VEGETATION REMOVAL & SAND/FILL BROUGHT IN: Trees, bushes and vegetation cannot be removed and sand/fill may not be brought in within 100' of the high water mark. Questions? Contact Parsonsfield’s Code Enforcement Officer Jesse Winters at 207-625-4558. 

PERMITS: Shoreland Zoning Laws require a permit for ANY changes or alterations to your property within 100' of high water mark and sometimes beyond 100’. This includes new construction, updates to your cottage, property and septic system, and the initial installation of a dock. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer for more information. (See above)

DOCKS: State Law requires docks be removed by November 1st.

FIRES: Open fires or burning brush must have a burn permit. Contact Parsonsfield Fire Warden, Tim Greene (207-625-4486). No permit is needed for cooking on an open fire.

LOOK OUT FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS: Long Pond participates in the Crime Watch Program. To report suspicious activity call the Town of Parsonsfield’s Deputy Sheriff, Darren Cyr (207-324-1113) or call the Maine State Police (800-482-0730). Deputy Cyr can also be reached by email dncyr@co.york.me.us.

PRIVATE PROPERTY: Be respectful of posted signs. Ask permission before gaining access.

LONG POND SWIMMING BEACH: The swimming beach is owned by the West End House Camp. They allow the public to use it. Please observe all posted regulations.

Guidelines updated: 4/2023