CBI Program Final Update for 2012

Post date: May 28, 2013 2:10:33 AM

CBI Update September 2012


We had 355 boats put in this year; one had a noninvasive plant attached when it came out of Long Pond. The scary statistic is, of the 355 boats putting in, 46 of them had last put in at a lake infested with invasive plants.

We had 9 days with all day rain or partial rain so there was no coverage when it was raining. Therefore, we ended up with a surplus this year because we didn’t pay salaries for the full or partial rain days. Because we have a surplus, we can go forward with next year's program even if the state does not give us the full grant amount next year. To compare boat totals, our boat total for last year was 363 but we did not have as many rain days.

Total volunteer hours put in by people on the pond working on the CBI program were 595. A big THANK YOU to all who helped this year AND to all who gave a donation or paid dues.

CBI Information: We started out with 6 (2 returning college students and 4 Sacopee Valley High School students) and ended up firing one for not showing up and for being chronically late. We had college student, Britney Nance, help us with scheduling so paid her a little more. Our state grant mandated pay is between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour. The new CBI’s are paid $8.00 an hour and jump to $9.00 if they are invited to return for a second year. The reason for this jump is they already know what they are doing and we don’t have to train them; it is to Eleanor’s and my advantage and sanity that those that do a good job for us return.



Donations & Dues: $1980

Additional Donation: $ 700

DEP Grant so far $1500 (due another $500 but the money is slow to arrive)

Town of Parsonsfield: $2000

TOTAL $6180


Wages $2980.50 ( below average because of 9 days of rain)

State Incorporation fee: $ 35.00

Liability Insurance $ 602.00

Dues portion to LPA $ 200.00

Postage $ 30.07

Mileage $ 209.60 (driving to mandated Milfoil conference, taking plant samples to Lewiston lab, checking on CBI’s)

Supplies $ 50.00

TOTAL $4107.17


If you have questions about this report, please don’t hesitate to contact Eleanor Watson or Cindy Fahey. Again, thank you to everyone who supports the CBI program. Have a great winter, Cindy Fahey and Eleanor Watson CBI coordinators