Courtesy Boat Inspection update 2015

Post date: Jun 1, 2015 1:33:17 AM

Dear Fellow Long Pond Residents,

Summer 2015 will be here soon and we are set to begin our 5th year of the Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) Program. Once again, we are asking for a total of $40.00 in dues/donation. The $40 is divided the following way:

  • $35.00 will go to help us run the CBI program
  • $5.00 will go towards running the Long Pond Association

Make your $40.00 check payable to the Long Pond Association/CBI Program and mail to:

Eleanor Watson

95 East Shore Drive

Parsonsfield, ME 04047

For 2015, the Long Pond Association received a $1700 grant from the state, and Parsonsfield will give us a $2000 grant to run the CBI program. As you can see below, the $40.00 dues/donations help us make ends meet.


Number of inspected boats putting in: 448

Total paid inspections hours: (pay is $8-10/hr) 475

Total cost of paid inspection hours: $4165

Postage, mileage, supplies, copying forms $219.14

Liability Insurance: $592

Number of volunteer hours: 205

We have 6 returning CBI’s who did a great job for us last year so we did not have to interview anyone new for this 2015 season. Our returning CBI’s are: Jacob Hart (assistant supervisor and inspector), Dom Locke, Cody Nance, Heather Nance, Krystal Nelson, and Jacob Wolfe. Please say hello to them when they are on duty during the weekends. Weekends from May 22 through Labor Day will be covered.

If anyone else would like to help out with the program, please contact me (815-353-4661), Eleanor(207-625-4169), or Judy (207-625-3082). Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.

Cindy Fahey

P.S. Dwight and Gayle Aspinwall will once again lead an invasive plant survey for Long Pond on Sunday, August 9th at 8:00 a.m. Aspinwall Dock. Raindate: Sunday, August 16. More to follow later. Please help out if you are around.