Invasive Plant Survey - 7/8/14

Post date: Jul 5, 2014 2:51:03 AM

From Dwight Aspinwall:

Dear Fellow Plant Patrollers,

We've set a date and time to conduct the annual Long Pond Invasive Plant survey:

Tuesday, July 8, 8:00am

If the weather isn't conducive to good surveying (cloudy, windy, or raining), the backup time is:

Wednesday, July 9, 8:00am

We'll meet at the Aspinwall dock. Email or call Cindy or me (see below) if you don't know where that is. When you arrive, we'll go over what to watch out for and we'll give you a sector of the lake to survey.

The survey is conducted by boat, preferably canoe or kayak. You'll need to be able to lean over and look into the water for potential invaders. It's best to do this with two or more to a boat (although kayaks are fine too), so the surveyor can concentrate on surveying while the paddler does a thorough transect of the sector. An even better method is with mask/snorkel/fins, as you'll be able to see a lot more that way. Once you've finished, return to the Aspinwall dock at 11:00am with your results so we can record everything.

If you want to brush up on plant identification and information on plant patrolling, have a look at the VLMP site:

For those surveying from a boat, if you want to improve the effectiveness of your survey please strongly consider buying or making a viewing scope. We have a few available to share as well.

Thanks in advance for helping out, and let's hope for nice calm weather!

Dwight Aspinwall

207-625-8480 (camp phone)

Cindy Fahey